If you or someone you know  is deserving of one of the following awards, please notify Nicole (awards chair, nnakaoka@ascehawaiiymf.org) right away and submit a completed nomination package to her by January 30.

Collingwood Prize Application
The prize may be awarded annually to the author or authors of a paper (1) describing an engineering work with which the author(s) have been directly connected, or (2) recording investigations contributing to engineering knowledge to which the author(s) have contributed some essential part, and (3) containing a rational digest of results. Any mathematical treatment must show immediate adaptability to professional practice. Accuracy of language and excellence of style are factors in the award. The Committee on Younger Members shall recommend a winner to the ASCE Executive Committee for final action.

Daniel W. Mead Prize Application
The Daniel W Mead Prize for Younger Members of the society may be awarded annually on the basis of papers on professional ethics. Each year the Committee on Younger Members shall select the specific topics of the contest for the forthcoming year.
2017 Topic:  "Is it ethical for university engineering faculty to teach technical subject matter to engineering students without obtaining professional licensure?"

Awards Annoucements