2019 ASCE CYM Employer Recognition Award

It's that time of year again to submit your applications for the 2019 ASCE CYM Employer Recognition Award!  This award recognizes employers who encourage their young engineers to get involved in ASCE activities.

The award will be judged on Employee Distribution, Employee Participation, and Employer Participation.

Special Recognition is given for:

  • Encouraging and supporting Younger Members to attend ASCE meetings and seminars
  • Providing a model for involvement through company-wide participation in local, regional and national ASCE activities
  • Encouraging Younger Members to prepare articles for publication in ASCE professional and technical journals
  • Assisting in the payment of local and national dues

You need to be a paying ASCE member to nominate your company. If you would like to nominate your company, please fill out this application form and submit completed application to Susan Mukai by Monday, August 12 COB.


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